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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  August 20, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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morning. president obama is in martha's vineyard with the first family for the summer holiday, but the white house says he hasn't stopped working on a jobs bills plan. details on his working vacation coming up. good morning to you. i'm veronica de la cruz. welcome to msnbc saturday. president obama says there are things that can be done immediately to start turning the economy around. in his weekly address, the president told washington leaders to put country ahead of party. >> the people who you elected to serve ask them to put aside their differences to get things done. we can cut payroll taxes again so families have an extra $100,000 to spend. we can pass road construction bills so that road crew kz head back to the work site. wall street wraps up a disappointing week. the dow dropped 173 points friday, marking a 15% drop over the past four weeks. joining me now is white house correspondent mike vickiera. where does the white house stand
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in terms of a jobs plan? >> the president is going to have a major speech, at least that's theage ektive that the white house uses, sometime after labor day. the is in martha's vineyard for his vacation. the president is talking about packaging some of the things that he has been talking about on the trail. had he that midwest bus tour of the first three days of this week. he taped that radio address incidentally in alpha, illinois, back on wednesday. he is talking about extending the payroll tax cut for employees. there's one in effect right now that expires at the end of this year. he is also talking about doing the same for employers. he is talking about traditional projects, spending money on things like highways, airports, bridges, that sort of construction. he is also pressing congress to push ahead with some free trade agreements with many of our closest allies, including south korea. we've heard a lot of this before, but what the president is talking about that is somewhat different is he wants to put forward a specific plan for deficit reduction.
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remember that super committee that was formed, veronica, has a $1.5 trillion mandate to come up with a series have recommended cuts for congress to vote on. they want to have that happen before thanksgiving. now, the president is talking about exceeding that cap, and he is also talking about raising taxes. remember, republicans insist that there are not iffing to be any tax raises whatsoever as part of that agreement. if there is one to come later on in the fall. and a newly minted ohio governor republican, john kasic, had the response to the president, and he addressed that issue directly. >> you know, if we've learned anything from the federal stimulus, it's that government can't tax, spend, and regulate its way to prosperity. when i hear the president and his allies in washington say we need more spending and higher taxes, it is a real cause for concern. >> and, veronica, the beat goz. it's all quiet here in washington, but there is plenty of frustration, plenty of anger, the unemployment rate obviously still above 9%.
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some 15 million americans out of a job, and we've seen all week here on msnbc some of the job fairs that are happening here in august, they're lined up around corners, blocks the lines are stretching, and a lot of frus raegs being voiced by some of the people there looking for jobs. >> people are waiting for this jobs plan to come out. i mean, but in all honesty what are his chances of getting this passed? >> it's a great question. a lot of these things have been before a congress before, and the one thing that the white house likes to point out is that many of these items, republicans have already voted in favor of, including the payroll tax cut. there's a chance that a lot of this will pass. what's going to be much more controversial and what many people suspect or accuse the president of doing is political campaigning, when it comes to a specific plan to reduce the deficit because it will have tax raises in there on wealthier americans. that's something that his base, the democratic base, those on the left were disappointed and were not specifically included in the debt ceiling deal that happened just a few weeks ago. >> when is he supposed to unveil
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this jobs plan, mike? >> sometime after labor day. we don't have an exact date. they call it a major address, which would lead one to believe that it might be in prime time from somewhere here in the white house ask address to the american people. they don't have the specifics on that yet. regardless of what happens, veronica, it's going to have to go through congress. congress is gone through the month of august, and they're under no obligation to tell us where they've gone. the president, of course, is in martha's vineyard. >> people waiting to hear all about that jobs plan. thanks. authorities say violent storms are responsible for at least four deaths across the country. three died in flash flooding in pittsburgh friday. a mother and two children were trapped in a car that became submerged in water. another man is missing and presumed dead after he was swept away by rushing water and an apparent tornado in northern wisconsin has been blamed for one death. that powerful storm uprooted trees and damaged houses. are there more storms on saturday. nbc meteorologist bill karins had a look at what you can expect. bill. >> well, a good saturday
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morning. active weather yesterday caused all sorts of problems, and unfortunately, some fatalities. we look at our severe storm reports. we only have one tornado yesterday, but that did take a life tlup in northern wisconsin with the super cell. we have a lot of thunderstorm activity, damaging winds and hail rolling through the new england and mid-atlantic and through the ohio valley. it was -- tornadoes. still deadly weather from any thunderstorms. that was the case yesterday. those storms have now cleared all of new england. we are dry as we start our saturday, but we will see another round of big storms on sunday. for the most part saturday looks good. if you think it's been wet lately in philadelphia, it has. we've had over a foot of rain in august. almost 13 inches. with the next bout of rainfall expected on sunday, this will become our all-time wettest month. all-time. i mean, a very significant weather record about to be set in philly. new york is not far behind either with 11 inches of rain so far this august. now, as far as severe weather
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goes this weekend, a slight risk of strong storms on saturday today near st. louis, central missouri, central illinois, and then on sunday heading through areas of new england all the way down through philadelphia and including new york city. you notice saturday is dry. looks beautiful and warm. on sunday all that stormy weather will return to areas of the northeast and mid-atlantic. the rest of the forecast for the country today, thunderstorms there from kansas city to che chicago, and the hot weather continues in texas. today should be 107 in dallas. back to you. >> oh, it's going to be a hot one. bill karins, thanks so were. an extraordinary turn of events in a murder case has captured worldwide attention and it began nearly 20 years ago with the shocking deaths of three boys. now the men who are convicted in the killings and who have always maintained their innocence are free. they were released from prison yesterday. nbc's pete williams reports on the west memphis three. >> a crowd gathered early outside the courthouse to witness the end of an emoeshlg saga that began in 1993 with the brutal crime in west memphis,
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arkansas. three second graders, cub scouts, tied up and beaten to death, left in a ditch behind a truck stop. a month later police accused three teenagers of killing the boys in a satanic ritual. despite a lack of physical evidence, all were convicted. jason baltimore win and jesse miskelly. they were found guilty and -- their dna was never found at the crime scene. appeals court said the trial was marred by police and juror misconduct, and an hbo documentary attracted nationwide attention to problems with the case. >> the murders had been part of a satanic ritual. >> reporter: in court a judge order aid new trial. then in a move worked out in advance, the three maintained their innocence, but pleaded guilty rather than face a new trial. sentenced to time served, they were free to go. the men said they wanted to prove their innocence, but agreed to the deal to get damian eckles off death row. >> i was ready to fight it in
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trial in court as much as possible, but he had it so much worse than i did. >> i recognize and acknowledge that he did do it almost entirely for me. >> reporter: the father of one of the victims, christopher buyers, says he became convinced the men were not guilty. >> i want justice, and i wanted the three of them to be free, and i have no animosity whatsoever towards the three. i know they're innocent. >> reporter: but the father of another victim, steve branch, says he believes they did it. >> if these animals are released, you might as well give the key to everybody that's on death row right now. >> reporter: today's deal saves face for both sides. prosecutors insist the three were the killers, but their lawyers say the state would never let them out if it was convinced of their guilt. the men themselves say they'll keep fighting to prove their innocence, leading some to wonder who killed those boys. pete williams, nbc news, washington where.
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spurred by another -- libyan rebels are reporting from tripoli in every direction after a week of fierce fighting. a rebel spokesman says they are now in control of a key port. it was one day after -- just 30 miles outside of the libyan capital. and in norway this morning families of the victims of last month's massacre are returning to the island where their loved ones died. dozens were excould youed by one gunman. jay gray is live for us on the island in norway with the latest. good morning to you, jay. >> reporter: well, good morning, veronica. it's been a very emotional weekend here just off the island, and there has been a lot of activity actually on the island today. hundreds of survivors returning to this little piece of land, a place they ran from almost a month ago under heavy gun pir, but today vowing to take this place back. the prime minister of norway has been here to speak to these youngsters. also today we know that they are going back to the areas where they hid from the gunmen. they're trying to come to terms with what happened here, and also trying to move forward.
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the prime minister and others have said that now is the time for the end of the mourning, though they're very quick to point out they will never forget what happened here. that's the very latest. just off the island, i'm jay gray. now, veronica, back to you. >> nbc's gray gray in norway. we appreciate it. thank you. does rick perry's west texan drawal sound familiar? there's a long list of similarities between rick perry and george w. bush. we'll talk about them. that's coming up. also, the sobering discovery from congresswoman gabrielle giffords. the story coming up next on msnbc saturday. [ dr. ling ] i need to check on the blood work...
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the republican presidential candidates are out on the campaign trail today. rick perry is meeting people in south carolina.
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we are now joined by carrie doud. what is the latest right there today? >> reporter: hi, veronica. we're going to have two events here today in south carolina before rick perry ends up wrapping up his south carolina and his three state primary state tour. he has been in iowa, new hampshire, and now south carolina this week, and he is heading back to his hometown of austin this afternoon, and he will be having a welcome home reception there with his staff and with had some local voters in austin. >> in the meantime, carrie, there have been a couple of -- a couple of comments made about some of these comments that perry has been making. one being about evolution. has that caused a stir? what is the campaign saying about that? >> well, a voter asked him yesterday after an event that he was holding in columbia, south carolina, a supporter came up and asked him about a comment that he had made about evolution being a theory that is out there. this voter wanted to
8:15 am
congratulate him saying i'm totally with you, i believe that creationism should be taught in schools, and there were a lot of cameras around, and he was very measured in his response. he said i know that god put us here. i don't know whether it happened in the blink of an eye or over a long period of time, but i know that god is the reason, and she pressed him a little bit, and he sort of -- he engaged with her a little bit, but it seemed a little bit reluctant to speak -- to go as for as he has gone before in talking about how creationism is taught in texas schools. >> he is a texas governor. what about these people who have been comparing him to george w. bush? >> well, he gets that a lot on the road. i have talked to a lot of voters that have interacted with him wlsh here in south carolina he has a good resumption, and a lot of folks say i don't know much about him, but i like what i hear, but you hear a lot of comparisons, and you hear it almost every day. i overhear or talk to someone that says when he closes hissize, he sounds a lot like
8:16 am
george w. bush. perry actually addressed this early in his tour. he was asked about this comparison, and he says, you know what, i went to texas a&m, and he went to u. we're two different guys. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thanks. s. >> for more from carrie, dan, and the rest of the nbc political unit check out first head to the web and at the time your political scoop. it is day three of president obama's vacation on martha's vineyard, but the white house is stressing it is not all fun and games, pushing awe message that this is a working vacation. the president is receiving the national security briefing. next week the president's top economic advisor went right to work on obama's speech on the economy, which will be given after labor day. richard wofrl is a political analyst and joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning, veronica. >> the president has been attract aing lot of flack for this vacation. is this the wrong time for him to be away from washington? >> well, there are a couple of ways of looking at this,
8:17 am
veronica. first of all, congress is making a month out of washington for vacation, and this president is taking ten days. the stock market doesn't really care whether the congress is there, and there's an argument that if the president cancels his plans and cents to the sense of crisis, maybe that's going to spook the markets more. the question is what are people looking for here and when xaerd to other presidents, you got to say that this president hasn't done too badly. president bush took three times as much vacation at this point in his presidency. president reagan took twice as much. what are they actually doing and how does that impact the markets? i think the markets are looking for something much more longer term, not what the president is doing in terms of recovery and recession. >> let's talk about the economy and jobs. jobs. you know, a gallop poll this week showed that 29% of americans approve of his job creating efforts. richard, what do you think the president needs to do here to create jobs and, you know, whatever this plan is, will he be able to get it through congress anyway?
8:18 am
>> well, there's a lot of politics around this new plan that they're cooking up, and the speech that's going to come obviously early when the president comes back, and there are some short-term things they can do. you heard mike talk about some earlier on when it comes to these payroll tax cuts that may spur some employers. if employers are feeling spooked by the markets and whether there's going to be a turning down of this economy, then it doesn't really matter what you do with the taxes, but in terms much policy the president is looking to put congress on the spot and say are you going to support this job creation measures or are you going to be obstructionist? the longer term problem, though, i think really comes down to the housing market. what the financial markets want to see is some plan to restore confidence and viability in the housing sect over because that affects consumer confidence, consumer spending, which has been really lacking in this phase of the recovery so far. >> all right. let's go ahead and switch gears for just a moment and talk about immigration. you know, the day the president
8:19 am
left for vacation. the white house announced this new immigration policy, which -- what do you think about this policy? is this trying to search a similar goal as the dream act maybe? >> well, it doesn't go anywhere near as far as the dream act, of course, because that was a path to a citizenship for many people, and especially, of course, those that have come over as kids. this is a different situation which has caused a huge amount of problems and wrup set with the latino community especially. the president has tried to win over the support of congress by saying he is taking a tough line on enforcement with employers. he really hasn't gotten much credit at all for taking these enforcements measures. of course, there is the question of whether you do it for the politics or whether you try to enforce the laws here, but this kind of suspension really does speak to the kind of concerns they're hearing from the latino community, from community leaders, that this is having an adverse effect. also from employers because this is obviously impacting how
8:20 am
employers are operating, but this is a short-term fix for a very long-term problem. >> what exactly do you think that this voting block or the lat anno voting block? what would they like to see, per se? >> they want to see the president come back to the dream act, for sure. that was one aspect that didn't make it through in that sweep of legislation that the president got in the lame-duck congress at the end of the last congress. he says he wants to come back to it. the people around the president that i speak to say this is his big goal. if committee get the economy back on track and get re-electriced, immigration reform is his big priority moving forward, but people want to see that he means it and this, i guess, is one step along the way of saying that he is sincere about that kind of goal. >> richard wolf is an msnbc political analyst. thank you so much. >> thank you, veronica. >> we invite you to watch meet the press. among her guests president obama's campaign advisor robert gibbs, and she'll be speaking to mitch daniels. if it's sunday, it is "meet the
8:21 am
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a spokesman for giffords says days before her surprise return to capitol hill that she was told of the identities of the vemsz victims. her family and friends kept her in the dark about those six
8:25 am
people for nearly seven months when they felt she was far enough along in the recovery process. among those was killed was her staff member, gabe zimmerman, and district judge john roll. the search for a missing utah woman has led police to an abandoned mine shaft along the mountains of eastern nevada. susan powell, a mother of two young boys, vanished many the summer of 2009 after failing to show up for work. her husband, josh powell, told police he last saw his wife after at home before leaving to go camping in freeze temperatures with their sons about 80 miles away. he is considered a person of interest in the case, but police won't say what evidence led them to those mine shafts. i'm now joined by clint van zandt. >> she's been missing for nearly two years. there haven't been many dwromts. i mean, how close could they be to a real break in this case? two years have passed. >> yeah. it has. law enforcement has been
8:26 am
conducting ongoing searches and interviews. this may be called a cold case, but for the officers working it, it's not cold. you know, one of the things, veronica, i think that may contribute to this search, shortly after susan disappeared, her 4-year-old son when questioned allegedly said mommy is looking for crystals in a mine, and then law enforcement came up with a theory that at a christmas party susan's husband, josh, had allegedly said the best place to get rid of a body is in a mine or a mine shaft. i think you couple those two together, and that would give most investors reason to be searching a mine, and i think what you have to do the night she disappeared, you would have to take that timeline and say could josh have driven that distance in a worst case scenario to have disposed of susan's body and driven back again to report her missing? all of this has to come together to make it a logical lead. >> josh, in the meantime, i
8:27 am
believe has said that susan ran off with her boyfriend, and he remains the only person of interest in this case. is that right? >> yeah. he does. you know, my wife, my girlfriend ran off with somebody else, this is the old, remember sergeant drew peterson whose wife stacy disappeared who was -- he has been charged with the death of his third wife. this my wife ran away with somebody and, you know, i don't know who it is and, you know, shame on her, this defense kind of gets old when we have young women or women, young mothers disappearing and husbands and boyfriends just saying, you know, the devil did something else. whoever was closest to that person is a logical suspect or a person of interest. that's why josh continues, and with the exception of a man who went missing around the same time susan did that some said maybe the two of them ran off together. i think josh still is the focus of a large part of this law
8:28 am
enforcement investigation. >> so in their search, clint, yesterday nothing was found. if the search continues today and, again, nothing is found, where does the investigation go? >> they have so search all of these mine shafts, and evidently there's quite a few that led them to this area, and realize, too, veronica, they're looking for any type of reaction that any potential suspect would have to that search area, so there's a number of reasons when you do this. number one is obviously look for a victim. number two is to see if you can get some type of behavior, some type of action on the part of a suspect. there is multiple searches in that area, and they will always be looking for susan powell before they're able to account for her, and whoever is responsible for her disappearance should never take the belief that they're safe just because a year or two has gone by. eventually law enforcement is going to find a person responsible, tap them on the
8:29 am
shoulder, and they're going to jail. >> clint van zandt is a former fbi profiler. clint, nice to see you. thank you. qadhafi's stronghold's stronghold on tripoli appears to be slipping. a deaf stating week for wall street with stocks sliding the most since 2009, but where is the silver lining? your economic headlines coming up next. s goodbye. new newtons fruit thins. real cranberries and cranberry citrus oat... crispy whole grain. newtons fruit thins, one unique cookie. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the cc. and every volkswagen includes scheduled carefree maintenance. that's the power of german engineering.
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very good morning to you. i'm veronica de la cruz in for alex witt. flash flooding in pittsburgh has taken the lives of three people who were unable to escape their vehicle, which was completes submerge and pinned by a tree. the flooding is the result of intense storms that pounded pittsburgh yesterday with several inches of rain. another person is missing and presumed dead. president obama has arrived in martha's vineyard where the first family will be taking a summer holiday, but the white house is going to great lengths
8:33 am
to make sure voters know that the president considers this a working vacation. next week the president's top economic advisor will arrive to work on obama's speech on the economy, which will be given after labor day. the u.s. has a critical shortage of medicines for some very serious diseases. so far this year a record 180 drugs have been declared in short supply. these drugs are crucial for treating colon and breast cancer, childhood leukemia, and other diseases. federal officials are creating a national stockpile to try to deal with all of this. all right. let's get you now to libya where rebels are in control of the key oil port. the latest gain in a 48-hour period. the rebels close in on qadhafi from every angle. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in libya and joins us now live. richard. >> good morning, veronica. we are now on a main road leading into the center of the city of zawiyah. it's a city of about 200,000 people. just about 30 miles from the center of tripoli.
8:34 am
rebels control about 75% of zawiyah, and all along this road has been seeing the back and forth at high speeds. it's because qadhafi's troops who still hold pockets of zawiyah and are positioned around the city, and they're all firing in what sounds like rockets and mortars into the center. veronica. >> richard engel live in libya. thank you. a massive protest in yemen now has tens of thousands show support for their national council to replace the country's president. protests against the president have been going on for months in yemen. salah said he would return to the country soon. he has been receiving medical treatment in saudi arabia after he was wounded by an attack at his palace. in canada authorities say the body recovered near niagara falls is that of a japanese student who is recently swept
8:35 am
over the falls after she tumbled off of railing. the woman had been visiting before the falls with a friend. foul play is not suspected. youth day and tens of thousands of young people outside of madrid's cathedral. the pope held mass today, and will hold a prayer vigil tonight. investors trying to figure out what the markets are going to do next. on friday the dow fell more than 172 points, and it was down more than 450 for the week. joining me now to talk about the market and the economy is annie lori, reporter for -- good morning to you, annie. we've seen another volatile week. >> yeah. we absolutely have. stocks are not liking the month of bad economic news that we've gotten from the united states and europe, and they've tumbled to real lows. they've lost all of the gains that they've made this year. >> what are the biggest concerns here then? >> the biggest concerns going forward are just the slowdown in europe and trouble for the
8:36 am
united states. unemployment numbers and the industrial production numbers for a few months now. >> i believe a lot of people are investing in gold. gold was up $1,800. >> if there's any silver lining, gold is up. it seems like it's a good time to invest in stocks in terms of historical price earning ratios, but investors are very, very nervous right now. >> u.s. treasury bonds, explain that one. >> it's the flight so safety. people are looking to the safety of gold. they're looking to the safety of the u.s. debt because they're not seeing investment opportunities, because the slowdown is real. it's so real that we might actually even be in a double dip recession now. >> oil prices are also on the decline, right? gas prices will follow that? >> and, again, this is good news in terms of the economy and hopefully they'll continue to go down. >> what do you think? i mean, do you think that the worst is behind us then in terms of the markets? >> yeah. i mean, i think that the sell-off has probably been quite
8:37 am
sharp. if you look in historical terms, stocks have started to get a little bit cheap, but, again, stocks are responding to just a whole ton of bad economic news from basically everywhere. investors aren't seeing a lot of good investment opportunities, but the hope is that the sell-off has been so deep that we might see a small rebound in stocks. >> what about news from morgan stanley saying that the u.s. and europe are dangerously close to recession? i mean, i know that they made a statement. what was the reaction to that? >> the reaction to that i think has been to a certain extent, it's stating the reality that everybody sees. the united states is just ailing in terms of having a very, very big unemployment number, a lot of spent capacity, and this could be a good time for government stimulus. that was a thesis that was included in that morgan stanley report, and it just adds to this, like, long spade of data where we just don't have a lot of green chutes or bright spots in the economy right now. >> i know a lot of people are really, really worried. >> if you have cash sitting around, this is a great time to buy a house. it's a great time to buy.
8:38 am
interest rates are at historical lows. r50-year lows. it's probably a good time to buy stocks as well. >> someood advice. annie laurie, it's nice to see you. thank you. >> this morning we're learning new details about the shark attack that took the life of a newlywed. the british man was snorkeling when it happened. it follows several close encounters here at home, including one in north carolina. stephanie goss has details. >> reporter: i'm on the beach where the attack occurred. the couple had just finished eating lunch. he had gone in snorkeling. she was on the beach sun bathing. this peaceful place has been ranked one of the top ten places filled with her husband's screams. >> there are no people in the water, as long as the smashing is still out there. officials say it isn't safe. now a widow, she spoke to the bbc describing the horror of
8:39 am
that day. >> help! and the most awful scream, and i can still hear it when i close my eyes. >> the shark attacked ian just 60 feet off shore. he was still alive when locals in a small boat brought him to the beach. the shark had severed one of ian's arms, removed a large part of his leg, and bitten him several times in the chest. >> he looked up at me, and i looked at him, and i could see a mixture in his eyes of fear and of a realization that he had seen me, that i was there. >> reporter: the local government has been criticized here for not adequately warning visitors after a french tourist was killed off the same beach just over two weeks ago. only 400 yards from where ian redman was attacked. officials thought the first incident was a fluke. they realize now that it wasn't. >> there's now a very strong
8:40 am
coordinated and concerted effort by various agencies and people to try and do everything within their powers to locate the shark in the area and try to catch it. >> reporter: as the sun rose this morning, the island's most accomplished fisherman now turned shark hunter, darrell green, got in his boat. just off the beach where the attacks took place, he has laid a trap. 30 baited hooks. at the end of one line, he catches something. >> they just caught a shark. this one is actually harmless. it's a guitar shark. the fisherman says they're actually looking for a bull shark that he believes could be as big as 18 feet long. the fishermen out here for the last three days with no luck. green is confident. the shark, he told us, doesn't stand a chance. >> official saz they won't let people back into the water until they've actually caught the shark. later on today there will be a memorial service for ian here on
8:41 am
this beach, and later his weave will take his body back home. >> a tennessee resident says she's sick of one pesky intruder. one woman's battle against her neighborhood bear. that's coming up after the break. plus, it's the day we've all been waiting for. wedding bells for kim kardashian. stay tuned. we've got all the details about her big day. [ male announcer ] if you're in a ford f-150 and you see this... it's the end of the road. the last hurrah. it's when ford's powertrain warranty ends. but in this ram truck, you've still got 39,999 miles to go. ♪ guts. glory. ram. ♪
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8:44 am
the woman says this bear has tried to break into her home several times in the past month. she says she knows the bear is just looking for food, but now she doesn't feel safe in her own home. >> yesterday he was on the other side of my car, and i didn't see him, and i almost ran into him. that's -- that's a little scary
8:45 am
too. >> officials have set up bear traps around the woman's home. after months of buzz and speculation on everything from what she's going to be wearing to who is on the guest list and even how many bottles of wine she'll have on hand to help celebrate, the wettinged of celebrity kim kardashian has faebl arrived. she will marry new jersey nets forward chris humphreys at a star-studded ceremony in california. i'm joined now by pop culture expert logan. how star-studded of an ethare we talking here? >> well, have you justin bieber. he has been invited. >> ah oh. >> ellen degeneres was invited on twitter at the last minute, which is really funny. kathy lee gifford is supposed to be in the house. she'll be there with all the jokes, obviously, and then people like jennifer lopez and kim kardashian's boss, ryan seacrest is supposed to be in the house. >> help set this wrup, i understand that 50 wedding invit aings were actually taken back. people were disinvited. how does that happen? >> that's the rumor. apparently just got too large
8:46 am
and she decided to ax 50 people off of her list. currently there are 500 guests that have been invited. donald trump is not going to be able to make it, so maybe one of the people who was axed will actually be put back on the list. he is at a golf tournament. >> oh, right. of course, there is my invitation and your invitation. >> find out right after. >> i was abbinged from the list. i don't know if you herebied. >> you can be plus mi plus one. i got you, girl. of course, we to get to the dress. everybody is talking about this dress and the fact that i believe people attending have to wear a black or a white color. >> there was a dress code, so -- >> there's a dress code. >> all attendees must wear black and white, which is why i have on black and white today. >> because you're flying out. >> i'm flying out. >> and which suggests that she may wear a pop of color because, of course, it's kim kardashian. she has to be the star of the show. if she's having every else wear black and white, she may not want to fade into the group. she may go with a color, but we know that vera wang has designed
8:47 am
the dress, and we think there are three dresses. one more the ceremony, one for the reception, and one for the shake it on down to the ground party. >> oh, my goodness. lots of people are saying -- well, at least i think chloe, her own sister, is saying this is the wedding of the century. this is kind of the u.s. version of the royal wedding. you're rolling your eyes. >> yeah. i am rolling my eyes. >> i mean, lots of money has been spent on this event. >> they're saying that $20 million to $30 million has been spent on this event, and that's tha just sounds astronomical to me. unless they're giving every gift a mabeck to drive home in, i don't understand how you get to that number. the kardashians, do know how to make money off of anything, and they're making money off of this wedding. apparently "people magazine" has paid $1 million for the exclusive rights to photograph this wedding. >> $1 million? >> yes. and there's a commemorative perfume that's selling for $100. it's called love. if you want to be a part of the wedding experience and you didn't get your invite, you can at least smell like kim kardashian on her wedding day.
8:48 am
>> didn't they just launch a clothing line on top of all of that? >> series launched a clothing right now. sears. she has the sketchers endorsement and shoe daz and kwim trim. this woman is a business, but there are single men everywhere in the world weeping right now because one of the most eligible bachlorettes is off the market. you don't have a ring on your finger yet, miss veronica, do you? >> not yet, and i don't know when that is going to happen. probably a long time coming. >> all the single ladies. >> are you going to put out an ad for me? >> i think i just did. i think i just did. >> all right. now that i'm blush, i'm going to have to move on. thank you so much for coming. >> thank you. >> it's always a pleasure. >> it's good to see you. >> all right. coming up next a well known hero in new mexico who saved a 6-year-old from a suspected kidnapper and he admits that he is in the united states illegally. this comes as the white house shifts its stance on illegal immigration, and it's definitely a hot button issue. weep kooep it here. we're back in three minutes. of ingredients...
8:49 am
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a 6-year-old was saved from a suspected kidnapper, and the 23-year-old's life changed on monday when he saw a man pull a little girl into a van. he hopped in his pickup and chased the van down, eventually rescuing the girl. he is being hailed as a national hero. his story comes during a pivotal week in the immigration debate on thursday. the white house and the department of homeland security announced a major change in the enforcement of deportations. undocumented workers will now be allowed to stay in the united states and apply for work permits so long as they have no criminal record. i'm joined now by michael, an msnbc contributor and nationally syndicated radio talk show host. also joe madison, who is a radio talk show hosting with sirius xm. >> good morning. >> why wha do you make of this dhs announcement?
8:53 am
>> well, this has become one of those push button issues, veronica, like abortion oosh like gun control. people are very passionate, as you know, on both sides of the aisle. some are going to say it's the white house capitulating to illegal immigration. i'm hopeful that it's a practical response because the raemt is we're never going to deport 10 million to 15 million people who are here illegally. we ought to fix on getting rid of those that comprise a criminal element and control the borders at the same time, and i'm hopeful that that is the step in which the white house is moving. >> all right, joe. let's turn it over to you. there are about 300 thoughs deportation cases pending in the u.s. on one side the people say that, yes, it makes sense to prioritize these. other people are saying overlooking some cases would amount to amnesty. what are your thoughts? >> well, they're calling it back door amnesty. i agree with michael. the reality is it's also a safe immreltation of law. only 4%, i think recent poll that i saw -- only 4% of the
8:54 am
people look at this as a major issue. when i talk to my listeners, they're concerned about illegal immigrants taking jobs that americans can do. i think the president is right. when we're talking about students and notice something else that's happening. there is something called coming out so you now have, for example, students in georgia that had a protest the other day. i think they stopped traffic. so you are going to see a lot of low priority, illegal immigrants who haven't broken any law and there's going to be a movement where they're going to start coming out, and quite honestly, i think the president did the right thing and also at the right time because everybody has left washington. >> you are saying that the focus should be on jobs, the economy. what do you think --
8:55 am
>> that is where the focus is. i mean, there's no question about that. that's where everyone's attention is, and so that is why this may very well be a safe time to do this. >> so you what do you think the political impact will be? >> i think the political impact will be that immigrants, particularly hispanic, the hispanic population, arizona, new mexico, will welcome this. it will win votes and support, and that's what he is really after, and i think, like people like the governor of arizona, will be outraged and call it what they've been calling it, back door amnesty. >> all right. let's goed and turn it over to you. deportation of illegal immigrants has increased on president obama's watch. let's take a look at some of the figures. according to these figures from the immigration and u.s. customs enfoft accident last year 392,000. that was up from 2009. hasn't he already earned political capital on this issue?
8:56 am
>> well, no, i don't think that he has been given credit by those who are most slowsive russ in their op sxwligs of i will legal opposition for doing enough. i don't think they would concede to him that he has been doing that like he should on the border. i think what's important is the economic vitality that comes from immigration. you know, i'm one who wants everybody coming here to play by the rules, but we need to continue to allow people to come here and pursuit of the american dream because that risk taking that's inherent with coming to the united states, that's it is stf of entrepreneurship, and now we're desperate for entrepreneurship. we need those risk takers. i'm not saying those coming illegal, but we need those to come to the states, put it on the line to continue to come. >> and i agree with michael to a point. then again, it's the illegal part that has everyone upset. >> sure. >> quite candidly, the exploitation of poor people, both legally and illegally.
8:57 am
this is what this is really about. the people who really should be held accountable are the employers who know darn well that they're hiring people who are illegal, knowing darn well they won't complain because they can fire them and they have no choice going back. but going back. this is what this is all about. it should be the chamber of commerce who should be held more responsible than anybody else. >> all right, gentlemen. you both bring up good points. joe madison and michael, we appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. in washington state a mysterious note and $100 found. how the pup found a new home. it's coming up in the next hour of msnbc saturday. at exxon and mobil, we engineer smart gasoline that works at the molecular level to help your engine run more smoothly by helping remove deposits and cleaning up intake valves. so when you fill up at an exxon or mobil station, you can rest assured we help your engine run more smoothly
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